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The Fall 2019 CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR collection pays tribute to the brands iconic design history
and groundbreaking legacy through a classic and contemporary lens. Fashion influence meets product
innovation as CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR continues to offer feature and benefit centric product while maintaining its position within the designer underwear category.

1981 Bold: This season is centered around making a statement. The newly introduced 1981 Bold program for men and women heroes a repeat logo waistband featuring a graphic 1981 patch, marking the year CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR was founded. Offered in soft cotton and microfiber, the graphic logo nature of this program combined with the bold color combinations offer fashion driven comfort.

Hazard: Also new to the CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR brand line this season is Hazard or men and women.
Taking cues from industrial and hi-visibility work wear, this program features reflective, hi-visibility waistbands, pairing neon yellow and orange with reflective stripes.

Modern Cotton: This season’s classic Modern Cotton men’s and women’s programs have been reimagined in
bright neon color ways, available in classic silhouettes.

Liquid Touch Program Overview: CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR’S newest tailored bra is the jointure of innovative technology and modern design. CALVIN KLEIN Liquid Touch features liquid silicone technology that evenly distributes support throughout the bra wing. Offered in soft microfiber, the liquid silicone wing allows for maximum stretch and ease of movement.

CK Black: The CK Black program this season fuses luxe detailing and fabrications for women, and updated technical attributes for men. With long lasting color and sleek, anti-pilling technology, the luxe Egyptian cotton iteration of the program provides luxurious comfort that is dependable, wear after wear. The mirco fiber option for men features the same unique treatments as the Egyptian cotton and doubles down with added quick drying attributes. There is a sharp design aesthetic with beautiful lace for women – adding
special detail to the product.

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